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boothsOur restaurant has been designed to minimize the time you spend waiting for food and to allow you to spend more time enjoying your vacation, family and friends. We have all been there and we all know the inconvenience of waiting to be seated and waiting for a waitress, and waiting for the food and waiting for the bill and being forced to leave 20% tip and endure in many cases so-so food.

We have changed all that. Everything in our restaurant is fresh cooked to order. Nothing, with the exception of the soups, is pre-cooked. All of our fish and pasta dishes are fresh, even the pasta sauces. Over the years, we have developed a way to broil, grill and sauté in a fashion that we can deliver delicious food quickly. This is achieved by a combination of state of the art equipment and professional chefs all focused on our family’s idea of quality food, reasonable prices, and efficient service.

All of our seafood is wild and of superior quality. Our frying oils have always been 0% trans-fat soybean oil - way before it became politically correct to do so. All of our meats are Black Angus and salads and cooking vegetables are made fresh with organic greens. This commitment to quality and value is pledged by everyone that is connected with the Beach Haven Fishery, so rest assured there isn’t any place finer. We promise you, we would not allow anyone to be connected to the Fishery without this sworn commitment to quality and value.

dinersThere are some sides offered by others that are pre-cooked and prepared that we, in keeping with our fresh cooked policy will not offer. What we do offer is quick service, superior quality and value in a very nice modern New England style fish house with a definite New York flair. We have set a goal to take your order and give you your food within 30 minutes. And don’t forget, the savings that come from our elimination that expensive 20% tipping obligation.

Now have no worry! You have the best that LBI has to offer. The crowds that come here will tell you its great and we guarantee you and your family will enjoy the experience.

Thanks for coming