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Our market offers only 100% wild seafood- no farm raised products are sold here or served in our restaurant.

We, and you in turn, are lucky to be opened during the summer season on LBI when the Wild Salmon run in the rivers in Alaska. Wild Alaskan Salmon is known to be the finest quality salmon in the world: flavorful, plump and rich in healthy omega fatty acids. It has a much better taste and is much healthier than that farm raised salmon. You can expect to see King, Coho, and the world renowned “Copper River Sockeye”. Try ours and you’ll know why we call the farm raised “cat food”.

The only tuna available in our market is Japanese certified sushi-grade Yellowfin tuna. We even use it to make our tuna salad in the restaurant! Our shrimp are from the deep cold waters off the coast of Brazil, and are argued to be the finest shrimp in the world. Our lobsters are harvested daily from Canada, and are flown to us from our broker in Nova Scotia. Our Scallops are harvested from the local deep waters off the Jersey coast: also, argued to be the finest in the world! Our Clams are from local certified waters harvested for us exclusively by local Baymen. Our Chiliean sea bass, also known as Patagonian Toothfish is flown to us fresh – never frozen, and was introduced to LBI by the Beach Haven Fishery in 1990. The King Crab legs are of the finest variety harvested from Russian waters. Our Swordfish is not from the warm waters of the south, but from the Grand Banks, and is harpooned live- not left on a long line indefinitely. Taking them aboard live ensures quality loins. Wherever the finest fish comes from – that’s where we seek it: Alaskan halibut, Florida grouper, local fluke and flounder, right down to the Prince Edward Island mussels. The list goes on! Our market is like an art gallery of the best the oceans of the world have to offer!

Over the years, thousands of folks have come to our fish store to chat, ask about fish and how to prepare it properly. They also ask about local fishing, sights and places to go. One thing most visitors notice is that our fish store does not have that “fishey smell” that they have noticed in every other fish store. That’s because our fish is that fresh and fresh quality fish does not smell. Only old fish smells.

Another benefit of visiting our market is what you see there is what you will get in our restaurant.

If you haven’t visited come in and expect to be impressed.